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AITA for making a wedding dress for one sister but not the other?

I (26F) have 2 sisters. Molly (29F), is biologically related to me while Abby (27F), is my stepsister.

I have no problem with either of my sisters and love them dearly but I am a lot closer to Molly than I am to Abby, since Abby and I were almost teenagers when we met.

For context, a few years ago my mother passed away and I was handed
some large rolls of fabrics, and since Molly’s wedding was coming up, I offered to make a dress for my sister free of charge using the fabrics.

Just recently Abby got engaged and asked me to make her wedding dress as well. I agreed on the condition that she provided her own fabric.

When Abby asked if I had any of my mothers' fabric left, I said I did but felt uncomfortable making a dress for my stepsister using my mothers' fabric.

She got upset at this and said that it felt unfair.

After this encounter, I got a few calls from my stepmother and father begging me to let Abby use the fabrics since some wedding fabrics can be expensive and they were strapped on cash.

I told them that there were a lot cheaper fabric alternatives and offered to help them find a few but they would always hang up.

So I’m curious if I’m the AH in all this, I feel like I’m justified as I’m still making Abby a free wedding dress and not taking in labor costs. Molly did pay me for her wedding dress despite my refusal, but I didn’t want to make Abby do the same.

I made my bio sister a wedding dress with our mothers' fabrics but am refusing to use the same fabric for my step sisters wedding dress
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