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At the time of Cleopatra, the pyramids and the Sphynx were already truly ancient monuments. Do we know what these monuments looked like at that time, in other words did they still have the original glorious, colourful and shiny exterior and how were they perceived by the royalty and the people?

Was their tourism or pilgrimage from Alexandria and other parts? Were there conservation efforts and reverence for the past? I know Cleopatra ruled from Alexandria, and was also wondering if there's any evidence that she visited the great pyramids at Giza and what type of ceremonies if any would she have attended at the site? Would she have been recognised by the priesthood as the successor of the great pharaos? Or was there no priesthood there by that time?

More importantly, would they (the priests, the scholars of her time) have known what the pyramids were built for originally? Was Cleopatra aware they were burial monuments and would she have known who was buried there? Or would they have thought they were ancient temples, perhaps built by the gods? Did they find them perhaps mysterious and inscrutable, as they did not have access to archaeology? Or alternatively, was oral and written tradition stable, strong and continuous in a way that they would have known even much more than we do, although thousands of years had passed? What do the historians of her time tell us about these ancient monuments, if not Egyptian historians then at least Roman and Greek ones?
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