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Created on 25 Jan 2008
Posted by u/AskRedditModerators
Moratorium on questions related to US Politics
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Posted by u/imliesha
You die and the first thing you see in the afterlife are three buttons: "Next level", "Spectate" and "Restart". Which one do you press and why?
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Posted by u/djc8
What’s something SFW that you’re embarrassed to have in your google search history?
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Posted by u/CarlosCMM
What book series did you love as a kid?
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Posted by u/LoadedGodComp1ex
To those Redditors who have visited the US from other countries, what was your favorite food experience here in America?
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Posted by u/CarmeleH
What is a crazy history fact that sounds like a time traveler was involved in?
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Posted by u/SignificantEmotion37
Women of Reddit, what is the female equivalent to men's "yawn, to put arm around her"?
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Posted by u/Richardthetiherheart
Non Americans of reddit, what scandal is happening in your country?
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Posted by u/TheRobotics5
If space shanties become a thing, what do you expect them to sound like?
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Posted by u/Fairly_Local666
What is the biggest plothole you've ever noticed in a book, video game, movie, etc?
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Posted by u/snorlaxlover123
What job sounds awesome, but in reality really sucks?
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Posted by u/ellaayatess
what is the worst thing a therapist has said to you?
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Posted by u/AuthorFromPlanetX
By removing one letter from a villain's name, what new villain do you create and what is their evil plan?
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Posted by u/exinsgi
What's the first thing you think when you wake up?
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Posted by u/darkwatch0
What is something you WOULD’NT wish on your worst enemy?
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Posted by u/NIC0DAMUS
[SERIOUS] People who are strongly atheist: Have you ever had a creepy moment where you doubted your scepticism?
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Posted by u/manjoinejohn
What is a random fact that could save your life one day?
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Posted by u/pickledcookiee
What is something that you absolutely HATED as a child?
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Posted by u/bored_ptv
Users of Reddit, what is the most disturbing thing you found out about your parents when they thought you weren't home?
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Posted by u/ole_freckles
What are some self-help books you'd recommend?
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Posted by u/PMForDickGraysonPics
What do you think people take waaaay too seriously?
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Posted by u/AnthropomorphicMango
What is your weirdest fetish?
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Posted by u/iminiki
When you die, you’ll realize there is a leaderboard for every possible little thing in the world and you are in the first place in one of them. What is the title of that leaderboard?
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Posted by u/Jhameenniemi
What movie do you regret watching?
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Posted by u/PMForDickGraysonPics
What says “I like you but my crippling social anxiety makes it hard for me to show you”?
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Posted by u/MademoiselleQueen
Dear Reddit, what is the most memorable experience you had with a teacher, whether it's good or bad?
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Posted by u/chaosmetroid
Redditor with Electric Vehicle. How would you compare it to normal fuel vehicle? And how did the change affect you?
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Posted by u/Peppeperoni
What is a lyric that lives in your head rent free?
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Posted by u/casual_night_owl
Is there a sentence in any language that sounds similar to a sentence another language? Such that two people who speak different languages could hear the same person say something and both people get completely different but coherent meanings in their own language?
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Posted by u/CHHRiiizzPBeatz
(Serious) If you could stop what you are doing, and go pursue a career in the one thing you are passionate about, what would you be doing? No matter how crazy, weird, or NSFW it could be?
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Posted by u/John_Denver1
People who keep the tap running while brushing your teeth, why?
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Posted by u/Leroy_Spankinz
What is the Krabby Patty secret formula?
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Posted by u/ArbysKnights
In what moment did you realize the COVID-19 pandemic was real?
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Posted by u/sugar-soad
What was the best videogame you have ever played that was based off a movie?
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Posted by u/JustTheFactsMaam-
People who wear socks during sex, why?
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Posted by u/kid_az
What doesn't get any less scary?
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Posted by u/Dabigbrain123
What product did you buy that seemed really awesome in the ad, but when you bought it, it didn’t work/was crappy?
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Posted by u/hrdlg123
What makes a person attractive in your eyes?
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Posted by u/I-still-want-Bernie
You get paid $42069 but for the next month you are only allowed to say the words 69, 420, Snoop Dogg, Cheech, Chong. Do you accept the offer? Why or why not?
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Posted by u/Your_Friendly_Loser
What has every male done at least once in their life?
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Posted by u/gevham
What's your favorite quote, by whom, why and how it affects your life?
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Posted by u/TheMemeLord4816
You died a slightly evil life and your too bad for heaven and your not bad enough to suffer in hell so you've been sent to torture people in hell, what are some things that you'll do to torture people in hell?
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Posted by u/AK_00l
what did you eat most during lockdown?
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Posted by u/PlaneResponse
What kind of life do you want to live if you can reincarnate?
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Posted by u/Own-Student-1625
What do you wish you could tell your significant other without being afraid?
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Posted by u/akar17
What is the nicest compliment you have ever received?
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Posted by u/Its-Just-Boobie
What is a song that always gets you into your feelings?
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Posted by u/yaboyibster
What are two events that took place in the same time in history but don't seem like they would have?
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Posted by u/1Far2many
What is your worst result of "I'll fix it later"?
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Posted by u/nintrader
People who "got a guy" for some weird specific thing that's not drugs: What's your guy got?
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Posted by u/youlikebeef
What happens regularly nowadays that would be horrifying to a person from 100 years ago?
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