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My dom and I played a fun game & it helped us be better d/s for each other

Not sure if this is advice, partially just wanted to share. Maybe it could help people who are in a position like me where they need help growing together / ideas of activities to do with a d/s that will strengthen the dynamic.

My dom and I have been working on making our dynamic strong with more power exchange, but we’re still getting comfortable. We’ve shared our kinks and examples of what turns us on. Basically what I told him was I like begging and bratting out, and we should work on it together.

We played this super fun game together that also touched my little side. He poured a pile of skittles out for me, and had me sort them by color (this had me feeling little lol). I wasn’t allowed to eat them. I had to ask permission for each skittle, and could only have one at a time. Ofc I was being bratty and “sneaking” skittles but making sure he saw so I’d get punished.

He did things like making me spit them out, humiliating/teasing me for being gluttonous, feeding me my least fav flavor as punishment, restraining me, praising me when I sorted them and asked politely. Even at one point I was blindfolded and played a guess-the-flavor game (wrong answers got punishments ofc,, and there was always the possibility that something other than a skittle would be in my mouth).

It wasn’t even very sexual but I really think it helped us understand control and d/s. I think something tangible like candy made it easier for him to be dominant (something he struggles with) because it’s a defined reward and punishment. Also easy to see when I’m “misbehaving” bc skittles are missing. Idk basically it was the most fun I’ve had in a while and everyone should play with skittles.
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