Posted by u/AllOutOfMP 14 hours ago

I felt the wind on my stomach for the first time. It was delightful.

I’m a forty year old man. I’ve never been outside without a shirt on. Even when swimming in my youth, I always wore a shirt. I’ve had this strong sense of modesty since I was a young child.

I haven’t been getting enough exposure to the sun since the pandemic began. Today, I opened a window on the second floor and got down on the floor to soak up some sun on my arms. It occurred to me that if I lifted up my shirt, I would catch a tad more vitamin D. No one could see me from that angle, so I would be safe. As I lay there, a gentle breeze came in through the window and caressed my stomach.

This was one of the most delightful sensations I’ve ever felt. It startled me initially. I spent the rest of my time smiling and waiting for the next gust of air. Is this what people get to feel all the time outside when shirtless or wearing crop tops and the like? I’ve been missing out.

I’m still never going to leave the house without a shirt, but I can still capture moments like this on a breezy day.
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