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My dreams went from tendies and Lambos to wanting to help others

I dont have a ton (hoping the price stays buyable before pay day) [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Ive been dreaming and fantasizing and do the calcs on how much money I would have if the price hits 6 figures or more. Im in South Africa and a price any where close to that means a lot:

1. I could pay of my families debt
2. I can pay off my debts
3. I can buy our maid who is family a safe house
4. I will send her kids to school
5. I want to donate to specific orphanages that are close to me

I want to help others the way you smooth brained crayon eating unshakable unmovable ape army has helped me.

Id rather die holding that kneel selling!!!

P.S dont know how to do the rockets and diamond hands emoji but its there in spirit!

*Edit: Ive loved reading all your stories - the kindness and humanity that you all show just makes that much easier to have diamond hands!*
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