Posted by u/suburban_scum 14 hours ago

I'd much rather pay 5$ a month for an intrusive valve anticheat than 1$ for stats that should be readily available to the player base.

This recent update comes with a lot of personal frustrations for me, but the biggest slap in the face feels like the addition of paying to see stats you can see elsewhere for free.

As usual Valve is hard skirting the deafening issue of dealing with cheaters en masse. But in the mast two months I have run into the same group of cheaters, on prime accounts, playing in good trust factor servers who don't even try to hide how blatantly they're cheating, and actively taunt the people they run into again bragging about it.

Hell one of these characters I recently discovered plays faceit "legit" but hard spins in valve mm.

This brings me to the point where I'd much rather have a subscription based anticheat that you would only be able to queue against other people who have it enabled. Prime and good trust arent thwarting cheaters whatsoever, lets not even meme about VAC at this point.

Another burning question is why cant valve create a specific cheat task force that spends their days finding all the active cheats out there and setting them up to be banned? A bit of a naive thought here I'll admit but its a simple thought that probably wasnt even considered by valve.
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