Posted by u/Gabryelfallen 14 hours ago

IWTL how to start things, even if I don't think I'm ready to.

So I've always a completionist and perfectionist. Like, my parents say I didn't start talking until I was speaking in full sentences. No baby babble, no partial sentences. And it's draining... I haven't done half of the things I've wanted to do because I'm terrified I'll fail or not do well. Or that I'll be inefficient at it. So I spend a considerable amount of time "learning" about things. Formulating plans for how to go about doing things the most efficient way, but then never doing them because the plan isn't perfect.

I just don't know how to break that cycle of thinking and it's driving me nutty. I'm 32 and working on a Master's that I'm not even sure I really want, because it feels like that's the completionist thing to do. But the things I WANT to do, probably won't help me make ends meet. Like, I think I could make them work if I just did them, but again I don't want to fail.

Anyone know what I'm talking about or have any advice that has helped them?
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