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CondoKaren Ran Right Into His Shiny Spine

Let me gloat and revel in my extreme pettiness.
I deserve it.

Don’t steal my stories - you didn’t earn them.

My JNMIL AKA CondoKaren is the covert narc who put the sale of her European condo ahead of DH’s cancer treatments and has generally been a selfish asshole while proclaiming that she cares so much. She has always acted like I can’t do anything right.

All she really cares about is being admired for her cooking and being mother of the year (riiiight)

Condo Karen called to talk to DH and see how he is. Now that he has finished chemo and the surgery - and now that all the sales are done - she is super invested and concerned. She called and at one point she said to him “I wish I lived closer so I could take care of you.” And he replied “That’s Harpy’s job”

Surely, my friends, you heard that CBF across the globe - did you not?

She replied weakly, stammering, “Well, it’s my job, too.”

“It’s fine”

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Poor DH has been to weak to take her on and I’ve been on my own. I think she has no idea what she is in for from now on. He always had a shiny spine but now? After how she treated him? We shall see.

Thank you all for your support over the past bunch of months. I am sure there will be more fuckery in the future. But I’ll take this win!
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