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Created on 25 Oct 2010
Posted by u/PickaxeDevil
LPT: If someone randomly brings up something in a conversation, pay good attention to them because they probably had it on their mind for a while.
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Posted by u/blamezuey
LPT: when someone is overreacting...remember they aren't *just* reacting to you in this moment, but to every memory of hurt associated with it.
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Posted by u/Beast667Neighbour
LPT: If there is anyone at your job you don't like, always take special care not to take a vacation at the same time as them. Having toxic/stressful people gone from the office is like a mini vacation by itself - that you would miss out on if you're gone.
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Posted by u/Awfultatoo101
LPT : When your alarm ring in the morning, don't snooze, get up immediately. It's hard at first but you will find yourself more productive in the morning and less tired. Specially if you are not a morning person.
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Posted by u/troutlegs1
LPT: Understanding who you don't want to be is as important as understanding who you do want to be.
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Posted by u/that_mom_friend
LPT: When parking in a gated lot, take your ticket with you. If your car gets stolen, they’ll have to pay the lost ticket rate to exit. The attendant is more likely to remember that transaction and have details for the police.
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Posted by u/WhiskersWithClaws
LPT: Take every Friday off rather than an entire week when using PTO/Vacation days.
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Posted by u/OffWorkForTheWeek
LPT - Conversations go both way. Go into a discussion intending to have your mind changed to the same degree you intend to change minds. Having this mentality from the outset will stop you from unneccesarily doubling-down on an opinion and will allow you to more easily admit you were wrong.
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Posted by u/PickaxeDevil
LPT: If you are examining nursing homes to place a loved one, look at the fingernails of the residents living there at the moment. Long fingernails (especially on men) would likely indicate that the home is either understaffed or does not care enough to do such a small task.
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Posted by u/pigeon888
LPT: Next time you feel stressed about doing something that won't take a lot of time but is somehow emotionally draining: Stop. Don't push through the discomfit. Instead, take time to think about why that activity is so draining for you. Label how you feel. You'll feel less drained afterwards.
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Posted by u/encouragemintx
LPT: If you are ever interrogated by the police and are casually told by them that something "in your own best interest," you should not only not lose your guard, but set yourself on high alert. It means they had finished the interrogation part and moved to confession extraction.
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Posted by u/pendanticfan
LPT: Make it a habit to do a quick eye sweep of an area that you’re leaving (restaurant table, seat on a train, cash register after paying)...
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Posted by u/srtipy_and_pink
LPT: If someone calls you from any company / government body and you’re not sure if it’s scam, tell them that you’re going to hang up and call a number provided on their website
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Posted by u/thomthehipposlayer
LPT: In an emergency situation, don't yell for someone to call 911. Point to a specific person and tell them to call 911. If you don't make it a specific person's job, everyone will stand around waiting for someone else to do it.
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Posted by u/BreezePosts
LPT: An apology that comes with “but” or needs reasoning is automatically less sincere. Explain how you’ll do better next time, not how you could have done better.
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Posted by u/ov3rcl0ck
LPT: Givers know your limits because takers have none
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Posted by u/Charles_the_Gowl
LPT: Save the job description when you start a new job. It makes updating your resume much easier.
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Posted by u/Samhoward069
LPT: after an unpleasant event in your life you should always stop to ask : did this happen to me or did I create it? It will either help you let go of guilt or take responsibility and grow as a person.
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Posted by u/-Theliquor
LPT: If you have an issue with talking too much, T.H.I.N.K before you speak.
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Posted by u/Moscowmitchismybitch
LPT: Use the news to your advantage. With the labor supply being low and demand being high, it's the perfect time to ask your employer for a raise.
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Posted by u/pecktempleton
LPT: register with your state’s unemployment office even if you’re still employed to prevent ID theft
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Posted by u/GrandpaPantspoo
LPT: When going in for an interview park where the employees park and take note of what they drive.
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Posted by u/ThePuzzleLover
LPT: If your Google results seem flooded with Pinterest, add a "-pinterest" (without the quotes) at the end of your search query. Google will filter out results from those websites.
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Posted by u/captainsquidsharkk
LPT: If you are helping an intoxicated person to bed, make sure to lay them on their side.
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Posted by u/britishsayhomosexual
LPT: When getting a new connection, always call their customer support number as if you're an existing customer to see how they treat you after you've paid for their services.
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Posted by u/MonstrousWombat
LPT: If you're ordering something dodgy to your house, put the name of the former resident. You both have plausible deniability if it's caught.
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Posted by u/NAJ2OO2
LPT: Learn to do — and enjoy — things by yourself. You’re going to miss out on a lot of fun if you keep waiting for someone else to accompany you.
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Posted by u/Tx_Saint
LPT You have to train for old age.
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Posted by u/Rick_GJ
LPT - Stop paying for audiobooks. Most local libraries have apps where you can download them for FREE!!!
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Posted by u/Nath2203
LPT: Do not entertain the Bystander Effect! If you see an emergency, YOU call 000/911.DO NOT assume that "Surely someone would have called that in" people die because of this. We can all brake the chain!
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Posted by u/itsjustajokeBROs
LPT: When someone says that they are a nice person, loyal friend a little to much they more then likely are not.
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Posted by u/opalthecat
LPT: Get your driver's license now even if you don't need it. It will save you thousands of dollars on your future car insurance premium.
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Posted by u/beeloxx
LPT: If you ever have an oil stain on your clothes, use dish soap instead of detergent to remove the stain.
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Posted by u/Charles_the_Gowl
LPT: Always take timestamped pictures of your apartment the day you move in and the day you move out. This can potentially save from legal issues/disputes with your landlord over damages.
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Posted by u/etchasketch4u
LPT: When starting a new hobby, get excited to see the 5th version that you create, not the first.
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Posted by u/Perpetual_implosion
LPT: Prevent surprise spills--always hold your finger over the lid or cap while shaking anything like juice, condiments, or salad dressing.
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Posted by u/maruperu
LPT: Use the restroom before you take a day time nap, no matter how short you plan on keeping the nap.
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Posted by u/TheBlackBeetle
LPT Request how do you go about getting a job abroad?
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Posted by u/crazytacoman4
LPT If you've lost your retainer, and can't afford to get a replacement from your dentist or orthodontist, check online. There are a lot of companies that you can go through that let you do teeth impressions at home, and can mail you a retainer for WAY cheaper than your dentist.
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Posted by u/AkiraDex
LPT: Ask an estimation of the fare in advance when getting into a cab.
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Posted by u/Azreaal
LPT: Keep a box of blank, neutral, assorted greeting cards in your vehicle. You'll never arrive at an event empty-handed, wishing you at least bought someone a card.
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Posted by u/K100904s
LPT: Think “healthy” not “skinny”.
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Posted by u/PickaxeDevil
LPT: Always be the person who tells someone they have something in their teeth, booger in nose, fly is down, etc
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Posted by u/BordisTheDog
LPT Request Please take your feet off the dashboard...
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Posted by u/ohineedascreenname
LPT: Turn on a flag in Chrome or Edge to enable any page to have a QR code to easily scan with your phone
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Posted by u/sexypoobby
LPT: Mention that your attaching a document in the body of your email.
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Posted by u/Fazomanzo
LPT : When dealing with bad thought patterns/habits a good tip is to notice and be aware of everytime you do it. Ignoring them is the worst thing you can do.
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Posted by u/old_acc_20k_karma
LPT After you're done reading this, you're already in the future. Keep your head high and live your best life
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Posted by u/MoodyGroove
LPT: Instead of feeling bad about staring at YouTube or video games, turn it into a workout. Every video you watch, 5 push-ups, every enemy you kill, 20 sit-ups, etc. This way you can both have fun AND get in shape.
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Posted by u/Snaebakabeans
LPT: Allowing your dog to be used to free roaming large areas or areas without boundaries will save you from a dog escaping in the future.
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