Posted by u/Squaragus_Asparagus 14 hours ago

LPT- You may not like being in pictures or taking them, but you will hate that you have no photos of some time period when you’re older. Take pictures even if it is out of your comfort zone occasionally, for your future self.

My wife has taken hundreds of pictures throughout our marriage and I only recently started. She has basically documented the whole time we’ve been together and I am extremely grateful for it. She has pictures from the day we met that we wouldn’t have if she didn’t snap a quick ‘for memories’ picture. You may hate the way you look, but years from now you will be glad you ignored that and took a photo.

I also want to comment on the people who said ‘people didn’t always have technology’. That is a horrible excuse to not preserve memories. Because you’re too old fashioned? Cameras are a century and a half old at this point. You’re just being stubborn and pseudo ‘mystical’ to say you want to cherish the ‘spirit of the memories’ and never take a single picture. Lots of tech was lived without a long time ago but using it as a tool and not a crutch can bring us closer together as people and as a family.
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