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Do people really wash dishes in a sink full of water like in movies?

I'm Middle Eastern so I am unsure if this is a Western thing. Whenever I get dishes dirty I put them in the sink and run a little water over it so it doesn't dry out. When I'm ready to do the dishes, I will scrub each dish with a soapy sponge, put it on the bench top next to the sink (or a second sink if there is one), and when they're all soapy I quickly rinse them all and put them on the rack. I've lived in Australia my whole life but a lot of my close friends/family are Asian/Middle Eastern and they all do the same. This feels like the best way to save water and get the dishes nice and clean.

But in movies I always see a sink full of gross grey soapy water and people just pull scrubbed dishes out of it and put them on the rack !!!! Thought this was a weird movie thing but was cleaning up with my partner (white Australian), and he picked up my soapy unrinsed bowl to dry it!! I was grossed out that he'd just do that but he told me it's normal???? Do you put your soapy dishes on the rack ? What if they have food grease on them ???? Is this normal ????????

Edit: this has been the ride of my life. thank you everyone for sharing your favourite dish washing method and where you're from!!! It has been thoroughly fascinating, glad to hear I'm not the only one a bit picky with my cleanliness. Seems like the UK and Europe like the sink method the best, maybe because there's less mixer taps, and definitely common in places with water scarcity. Americans seem to have a lot of dishwashers, I'm not sure how universal that is though- we don't. To everyone who rinses after they fill up the sink. I see you and I love you. You're valid. To everyone else? Rinse your dishes please! Don't eat soap!
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