Posted by u/mustard_cow 14 hours ago

What’s the deal with Google asking me to show them my ID/Credit Card all of a sudden for age verification? Is this not a massive breach of privacy?

I’ve had my google account for maybe ten years now, but recently when I go to watch some YouTube videos it says I need to verify my age?

It has said ‘this is age restricted’ before but it has never asked for anything, it just let you click ‘i agree’ I believe? I’m not some huge conspiracy theorist but since the internet began hasn’t the golden rule been ‘never give out ID’?! I don’t trust these corporations with it.

After Google’s numerous data breaches I do think they have some nerve asking for this. How can they legally require you to do this? I read that if you do not then they can deactivate your account within 14 days and as much as I hate to admit it, I can’t let that happen as I use my email for everything and I am waiting to hear back from very important things via that email address.

If it is truly for age verification, why did my younger brother send his debit card info in and it accepted he was over 18 when he is not? It seems like a data grab to me and I hate it.
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