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GME Will NEVER Be Like Volkswagen or Tesla. (It will be bigger than both combined) 💎🙌🦍💪🚀🚀🚀🌕

The next person you hear say “short squeeze,” “sell,” and any price below 10M just do them a favor and change their brokerage password locking them out of their account. Don’t worry apes this won’t take too much brainpower, however, it will take A LOT of crayons and some common sense.

Let’s put this all in perspective with what we DO and what we DON’T know. Let’s start with what we DO know, we DO that the Volkswagen’s gamma squeeze was about 1/4 minimum compared to the short squeeze. We DO know that the GME gamma squeeze took us from $4 to $400. We DO know that with a series of gamma squeezes we can head in the direction towards the beginning of TSLA which is a very rare opportunity to have, we all wish we bought Tesla at $4 now is the chance with GME. We DO know that the volume is 7M on a good day with low volume. We DO know that the DTC,and the SEC are safety nets AFTER hedgies are margin called. We DO know that the SEC, and DTC is basically scheduling our cash out from regulations passed on collateral damage.

Let’s take a step back a min. 7,000,000*$1,000(a sad joke to cash out on)= $7,000,000,000. In the beginning people were saying $1,000, cmon, do you really think they all are fighting over who takes the L over $7 billion? Let’s be real it’s AT LEAST $70 trillion and to be that per share would put it at a MINIMUM of $10,000,000 per share and that’s just talking what they can likely afford to hand out without insurance.

Now what we DON’T know, we DON’T know what a moon is like with TSLA because it has only been a series of gammas and if it did short squeeze it never mooned. We DON’T know what a gamma squeeze followed by a margin call squeeze then followed by a short squeeze will look like, it has never happened. We DON’T know the date so don’t ask anyone just be patient, waiting on stocks to take off is watching paint dry so it’s best to set an alert at $10,000,000 and forget about it til then. We DON’T know what the most shorted stock on the stock market will be like once squoze so it can’t even be compared to Volkswagen, Volkswagen was not the most shorted stock on the stock market, this is much much bigger than that.

Food for thought, don’t try to “sell at peak” because if it is not peak and you sell, you are draining rocket fuel and we will not moon. I saw a post about a $5M peak reward and as generous as that is, it motivates people to sell at what “they” think is peak which is likely smaller than expected. Don’t even have sell in your mind, if we moon you will have 4 days to “sell at the peak” and no one will be losing but hedgies. Keep in mind that when you sell, someone somewhere buys, you don’t want it to be some random day trader you want it to be a hedgie stuck on the moon.

Thunder12123 commented: Volkswagen squeeze: 12% short interest went to almost $1000

Tesla squeeze: 20% short interest went to around $5000 a share with the 5 to 1 stock split.

GameStop squeeze: 140% short interest did NOT go to 400. It will be massive. Especially because when you short more than 100% you are in the realm of infinity if everyone holds. Even if people start paper handing super early it will go to a minimum of 50-100k a share IMHO. And that’s extremely lowballing and saying everything works out in hedgies favor getting people to sell early.

TLDR: Imagine Tesla and Volkswagen having a baby and that baby being jacked as tits on steroids, that’s the GME MOASS. The SEC and DTC are the safety net AFTER the hedgies pay us and then they are preparing insurance on top of all of that so $1M a share minimum is likely what they expect leaving them at a payout of $7T minimum. Don’t try to “sell at peak” if you sell we won’t have the fuel to reach the moon, you will get much more than $5M (the price offering was super generous regardless it just gives people motivation to sell) when we moon a hedgie will be stuck up there with our share not a fellow ape or day trader.

This is my first DD please don’t hate me if you think it’s garbage. TOGETHER APE STRONG! 💎🙌🦍💪🚀🚀🚀🌕

Edit 1: quick mafs $1M per share is a big understatement

Edit 2: Thank you so much for the reward! I will no doubt take this confidence given to buy every damn dip on the way up.

Edit 3: Woke up to 1k upvotes I’m practically losing it, thank you!! So many shills in comments! How do DD Authors put up with this? Whole other level of respect for them.
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