Posted by u/FragrantBicycle7 14 hours ago

Please don't hesitate to post counter-DD, even if it's about what seem like rock-solid ideas.

Apes together strong, yes, but apes are not a cult, and shouldn't encourage or build echo chambers.

The excitement must be based on peer-reviewed research: someone posts something, we chime in on what we think about its implications, and the most comprehensive objections or inconsistencies are then taken into account by the next post. By this process, average DD keeps rising in quality, because it stands on the shoulders of taller and taller giants. It's not a coincidence many feel they've gotten a college-level education on the stock market this year; peer review and collaboration is the cornerstone of any and all higher education worth having. "Buy and hold", for example, is our core strategy only because we've seen and read enough high-quality DD to assure us the squeeze is almost inevitable; without that, many of us would be day-trading GME, and the MOASS would be a dream lost.

So if you have doubts, or interpret the data differently, say so. As long as they're clearly informed by a wrinkly brain that's taken time to try to understand the situation, I don't think any reasonable person can treat it as FUD. The more of us can grasp the situation by ourselves, the stronger our offense is. Panic selling isn't viable for the shorters if no one's panicking, and a well-informed ape who's willing to revisit basic principles of their thinking doesn't scare.

*Echo chambers* punish dissent, because they seek to protect their ballooning fantasies from implosion.

*Communities* analyze dissent, because they seek to improve their knowledge and inform their actions.

As u/rensole keeps telling us, be excellent to each other. Encourage peer review. It's good for you.
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