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How to find out if you’re registered to Vote at the Shareholder Meeting, or if you’re broker has been lying to you

I apologize in advance if this isn’t eye-catching post themed. I use the same account for GME as I do for porn cause I like to see stocks and tiddies, I only post if I think it’s important. This seems very important to me... more than tiddies

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I went to [this corporate finance website]( to figure out how to register my shares for the upcoming meeting. Here’s what I found:

*“A shareholder register is a list of all active and former owners of a company’s shares. The register includes details of shareholders, such as their name, address, the number of shares they own, class of shares held, date when they became a shareholder, and when they ceased being a shareholder.”*

Wait, so there’s a register that shows any and everyone who’s ever owned a share in GameStop? Couldn’t we use this to figure out how much is actually owned and by who? Anyways, I read on and find this:

*“A company’s directors are required to update the shareholder register on an ongoing basis and ensure that every current shareholder is recorded in the register. The shareholder register serves as proof of ownership in the company, and it shows the number of shareholders in each class of shares.”*

Cool cool... next

*“Apart from including the personal details of each shareholder, the register may retain a record of all shares issued to individual shareholders over past years, as well as transfers of shares and the name of the shareholder who acquired the shares. The register may be maintained either by the company itself or a third-party registry service provider.”*

Ok, now I really kinda wanna get my hands on this registry thing. How do I do that?:

*“Since the shareholder register is a public document, third parties and other interested parties can access an updated list of a company’s shareholders at any time.”*


*“Companies are required to provide the shareholder register for free to current shareholders, while non-shareholders may be required to pay a small fee.”*

So you’re telling me, once I find whoever owns this thing, if I ask for it they’ll tell me either

A. “Here ya go Mr. Shareholder”


B. “You’re not a registered shareholder, you’ll have to pay a fee”

Well... that seems like the easiest way to find out if my shares are registered for voting, or if my broker has been lying to me. Where can I find this?

*“A shareholder register is accessible to shareholders and non-shareholders at any time. Shareholders may ask to gain access to the shareholder register and freely inspect any information needed.”*

Ok , but where do I FIND it?

*“The company may grant such a request”*

.... well, there it is. Guess I gotta ask GameStop for the registry. I’m definitely gonna do that.

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Maybe he can help


TL;DR: there’s a public register that shows you if your shares are registered as your own, but the best bet is to make sure you aren’t on a margin account with your broker. If you aren’t, you’ll get proxy card info through mail or email. References to checking different brokers for proxy settings at bottom of post under the last line


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This proxy card has what’s called a “control number” on it that you will use to log into the [online voting system]( when it updates for the new Shareholder Meeting (that’s last years link, thank you u/camj26)

I’ve been told that if you use Robinhood and wish to vote in the Shareholder Meeting, you MUST contact them and request a “proxy card” or “proxy vote card” or “vote by proxy card” (use those terms specifically). They file a request with their third party investor communications firm, Mediant who will then give you one and instructions on what to do with it through email when it’s available.

I’ve been told that if you use Fidelity’s mobile app, there’s a link for proxy called “Proxy Materials” (thanks u/childishprivito) that will show you your cards for what you can vote on and most likely allow you to vote through it

—Info from [u/mamaremembersusenet]( for how to get to proxy card on Schwab

—Info from u/superstylin1770 and u/dyamond_hands_retard and u/bravewarriorr on how to access your Proxy Materials tab in Fidelity: Login to Select Accounts; Trade; Statements; Proxy Materials.— In fidelity you can find the proxy materials [here]( — For those with Fidelity Investment App: type “proxy” into the virtual assistant and you should be provided with a link for voting when voting opens

—Info from u/davesquared1 about CHASE: *”I called Chase today to make sure I would be able to vote (shares not loaned out) and they told me the actual ownership is listed under JP Morgan and they received a lot of these requests and they are automatically sending an info packet to everyone with GME shares that explains how and what to do to be able to vote.”*

—From u/chaosdne: *Another position I hold has an upcoming vote on may 13th. E * TRADE sent me an email this morning which contained my control number and instructions. It’s about 5 weeks ahead of the vote. I will likely use this as when I expect to receive a similar one related to GME

— Info from u/redditdude9753 : *For TD Ameritrade, you can access shareholder information and documents by going to My Account; Shareholder Library. I don't know how to confirm that you can vote though through the website, not sure if you have to call.*


By the way, I am not a financial advisor, nor am I a legal advisor and as such, none of the advice I give in this post and/or any of the responses I give in their entirety in this forum be considered financial or legal advice
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