Posted by u/Names_and_shizz 14 hours ago

I hate my rapist.

I hate my rapist, my ex husband. I hate him and I hate anyone who is still on friendly terms with him. I don't care anymore.

I hate anyone who told him this is something we could work out. I hate anyone who told him what he did was "bad, but not that bad", or that because I was his wife, he didn't do anything wrong. I hate anyone who says I need to get over it, because "it's not like he pinned me down". I wouldn't spit on them if they were on fire. I don't forgive a one of them.

I hate anyone who has ever said "awww, you don't hate him; you loved him" Fuck those limp dick bitches. I hate anyone who has ever said "you need to forgive him to move on"

I burn with a hatred I've never felt before. I'm fucking worth something. My YES is worth something. My NO is worth something. I have value, and I will never make myself smaller to please a man again.
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