Posted by u/scout610 14 hours ago

Why do sports bras advertise removable pads like it's a feature not a bug? I cannot fathom this and it drives me insane someone help me understand.

Okay but why is "✨✨✨removable pads!! ✨✨✨" supposed to be a selling point for sports bras? They just get fucked up in the wash ans then I'm dicking around with them with this teeny tiny hole tryna fix them. Sew that bitch in. Doesn't need to remove.

PLUS, You can't just take them out and go without bc the minute it gets too cold your nips are like whatup bitches??? And if you insist on making them removable why do you make the pocket to rearrange them so INSANELY SMALL. Help me understand. I have never needed to "replace" a pad from them. I just cannot understand
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