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We need a new word for FIAT. Fiat sounds too damn happy... ought to invoke something objectionable. And who speaks Latin anymore?

I don't think the word "fiat" rouses the correct response to the inner workings of the ape brain. What did you think the first time you heard it? What does that word mean to most people ... an economy car? Or you looked it up:

Etymonline says the word is Latin originating in the 1630s meaning "let it be done".

Mirriam-Webster says that it is "a command or act of will that creates something without or as if without further effort".

If you tell your uninformed friends that the bills in their wallet are fiat, what do they think? They likely won't run to the gold or silver market.

We understand money vs paper. The flaws of a "let it be" currency is a cornerstone of our beliefs here at WallStreetSilver. Our movement is being discovered all around the world. If we come up with a descriptive, enlightening or pithy word to replace "fiat", that will become part our DNA and spread knowledge. It will also help define WallStreetSilver and this movement.

One word will communicate a core conviction.

In fact maybe it is a new word (think stonks). Maybe it is a contraction of two or more words. Maybe it is an acronym?

We have some very creative and talented people on this thread. Many of the memes are often penetrating in their message and delivered with great humor. **Let's harness that creative energy to come up with a good replacement word or phrase that accurately expresses the problem with fiat ... one that will elicit the correct negative response deep inside the ape brain**.

If we then adopt that ape language, It'll spread worldwide. The media folks will use it to introduce us.

And we will have a famous ape here at WSS who, with one word or phrase, spread knowledge about the fiat trap to all.

Let's make a contest out of it. Post your meme or word. Your fellow apes know how to hit the upvote button. We can collect the best and then post them as a poll for voting. I don't know a timeline ... maybe start voting in 4 or 5 days?

Anybody on board with ditching the word fiat?
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