Posted by u/Few_Campaign8623 14 hours ago

APES: please delete all of your Belfort Interview posts! Bury this FUD. No more air time. Replace with Rule 801 Passes! and other positive posts regarding already-passed and soon-to-pass SEC regulations that will CRUSH the shorts. We need to reestablish and control a positive narrative!

What I typed in the title . . . . \^


The interview that will go unnamed was a huge disservice to—and borderline betrayal of—the ape army. It's an even bigger disservice that we are giving it ***more*** publicity with countless threads. Squash the story! Bury it with positive news! OPs, DELETE YOUR POSTS! Let's take back control of the narrative.



EDIT (April 8 at 1:45 PM, PST): To the handful of painfully dumb apes who should probably be spending more time in "Hooked on Phonics for Apes" class than Reddit, in no way did I call for Trey's video to be "cancelled," "censored," or "deleted." I called for apes to stop giving the video publicity by deleting their existing threads about it and not posting a new thread about it every 3 seconds. Big difference! It was taking over the entire forum and spreading cancerous FUD on a day when we SHOULD have been focused on the positive news of yet another domino falling against the hedge fund scum: the passage of Rule 801 (one of them, anyway)! Now, STFU so I can concentrate on my banana lasagna.
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