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An APEs theory on PFOF and WHY it could be the catalyst and weapon used AGAINST them

Hi, I've been holding since February 22nd, OK bare with me may be a few words..


Since February I have been holding and hoarding all amc shares in my portfolios.. plural.. most of my portfolios are 100% AMC. With that being said... what I believe is.. brokers like webull robinhood and PFOF brokers know that there is no more AMC shares available they are scrounging to lend, and scrounging violating accounts to close them for the shares of AMC I know this because they did this to me... personally.

That being said what I believe is they know this and they are not really selling you shares but nothing more than just an IOU kn there books.. When you transfer your broker accounts they will have to indeed come and BUY the shares in order for you to transfer out. I already k he ow for a fact webull I nm playing games another person and myself have had serious problems with having ALL AMC portfolios, another person I spoke to tried to transfer his 1200 shares out of webull which cost him 75$ well he had sold security's just to make the transfer.. 75.02 he had in his brokerage account after initiating the transfer he woke up the next day and there was .04 cents taken out of his account and to some unknown. Place, they then told him they can not make the transfer In lieu of the .02, He THEN deposited a 1.00 into his brokerage account... they then changed his account from margin to cash, taking 5 days to clear that 1.00 to transfer. When inquiring about the .04 that was removed from his account they refused to answer and acted like they dont know any information on it confused..


Why they are doing this obviously is to get more time. Time to locate the shares, time for shares to settle, etc.. which leads me to believe they are in fact having a serious hard time finding AMC shares.. what they did to me too was similar as well.. That being said, if everyone does transfer from these brokers and has AMC shares they will have to settle those buy orders in order to transfer. Which in return could cause somewhat of price action for AMC

IT is my belief that there books are filled with IOUs on AMC AND GME and anytime someone wants to transfer to a broker they have to transfer real shares, so they are playing hot potatoe with all of our shares.. Everyone already knows that there are no REAL shares left and they are in fact selling synthetics for the passed few months..

Hot Potatoe Hot Potatoe.

⚠️🙈The SECRET WEAPON, The Hedgie Beater!🙈⚠️

Ultimately how the HF and MM have been suppressing the prices are due to PFOF Brokers, everyone knows it, we all see the manipulation. Three weeks ago I have tried to educate people on the fact if you are indeed going to buy and hold more AMC and GME you should probably do it on a broker that wont tie your buy orders up for 35 days. July 15th 2020 Citadel payed a 700,000$ fine for doing this exact same thing, trading in front of there customers because they have the ability to buy orders, and choose to execute those orders. IMO that honestly is straight FRAUD why this is even going on? The supply and demand is COMPLETELY fictitious.. How long can they keep this up? WELL

APES STOP ALLOWING THEM TO USE YOUR OWN MONEY TO SCREW YOURSELF WITH IT.. Its sad that if we want to see a change we are going to have to start sticking to a certain broker that doesnt "choose" to execute your orders or let SOMEONE choose to execute your orders.. If everyone gets on the same page and buys with a broker that doesnt sell to the castle people.. (yeah those people the bad people) that probably would most likely be the nail in the coffin.. so do your DD on PFOF please... I have links posted at my sub "r/amcmonkeybusiness" I am sure you can find which ones do what everywhere. "Pay for order flow"

This ultimately will be the final blow!


⚠️🙈Options, Options, Options!🙈⚠️

Many of us are led to believe that trading options is in fact sometimes very profitable, I myself bought options in the beginning on AMC just because I wanted at a later date to purchase 300 more shares. The castle people are manipulating the price up and down, to get many to buy options, this is how they have survived for this long losing billions each week. If you are part of a family and are there for the right reasons you should seriously consider buying shares, now I'm no expert but options right now after seeing the manipulation unless there ITM probably are a slim chance, not only that but the castle people that is how they are still able to keep there head above the water, taking your hard earned money and when the time comes to deliver those calls even ITM well they are just going to FTD them and you'll be in a situation I was in

Options are not helping the movement for a free market. Not with all the manipulation going on anyway..

I hope that this has given you atleast some thoughts on how we can achieve the goals we ALL want, to any non believers, do some DD brokers DO indeed SELL your buy orders to companys like virtue and castle hacks, so they can in fact break rules and commit fraud and have to only pay 700k after making 5 million a day from doing it...

So next time you click that buy, think, where is this really going? And how long will this really take to settle If all of us really knew!


The facts they are doing this are here..
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