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The Mormon Church teaches that it alone holds the keys that allow someone to be with their family in the afterlife. This is one of the single greatest examples of manipulation & psychological abuse via doctrine. If a church has to hold families hostage to keep people in line, it's a fucking cult.

[Here]( is a link to the mormon church's website explaining their teaching on "eternal families."

> A “forever family” requires that couple possess baptismal certificates, be worthy members of the Church to qualify for temple recommends, and possess a marriage certificate signifying a celestial marriage.

Mormons are taught that if they leave the faith, they will not get to be with their family for eternity.

It gets even more manipulative, though. They are also denied temple recommends if they dare to drink coffee. If you can't get in the temple, you can't complete the steps required to be with your family forever.

Basically, the Mormon church holds families hostage to keep people in line.

This one doctrine has got to be the single greatest example of a religion contriving a doctrine to manipulate and psychological abuse people into submission.

Oh, you think hell is bad? Let me tell you about how you'll never get to see your family again, in Heaven or Hell.
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