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r/Aww Best of 2020 Awards - Nomination Thread!

**Hey everyone!**

2020 may not have been the greatest year in the real world, but here on /r/aww we've seen a ton of amazing and adorable submissions from the Reddit community that have helped to brighten everyone's day just a little bit more. In the spirit of the holiday season, we'll be allowing you to nominate the best submissions made by users throughout the year for each category listed below, and we'll reward them with 6 months of Reddit premium! Runners-up will also receive 3 months of premium, and there might also be some extra mods-choice awards to be given out.


**The categories are as follows:**

- *Cutest Dog/Puppy*

- *Cutest Cat/Kitten*

- *Cutest Bird*

- *Cutest Reptile/Amphibian*

- *Cutest Rabbit/Bunny*

- *Cutest Human*

- *Cutest Other* (featuring any animal not covered by the above categories)

- *Best Comment*

- *Coolest Aww*

- *Cutest Overall Aww* (we'll be giving double the premium for this one!)

**How does voting work?**

- This thread will be set to contest mode. This means that all comments will be sorted randomly and no scores will be displayed. There will be a top-level comment for each award category, all others will be removed.

- For each submission you want to nominate, reply to the top level comment under the relevant category with a direct link to the post. To vote on the best nomination for each category, simply upvote the nomination comment!

- Once time is up, we will select the 2 most upvoted nominations in each category as the winner and runner-up, and grant each post the corresponding mod award.

- Voting will end January 14th, so make sure to comment your nominations and vote accordingly before then!

[**To help kick-start the nominating, here's the most upvoted submissions of the year!**](



- You may only nominate submissions made in 2020.

- You can nominate anyone but yourself.

- Every nomination must follow our current rules. If it's a thread we've removed, or one that we would remove but somehow missed, it will be disqualified.

- If a submission contains multiple animals of different species, they can be nominated in each qualifying category!


Good look everyone! Thank you for contributing, and have a happy new year!
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