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CMV: Drug addiction is purely a health concern, not a legal one, and any and every drug should at the very least be decriminalized, if not legalized.

As the title already states I believe that all drugs should be decriminalized and here's the points why:

Freedom of choice no matter how bad of a decision it may be should still be considered a human right, the last word on what you choose to put in your body should still be up to you.

The criminalization of drugs is what fuels cartels and subsequently the death and violence they bring - legalize their products and there's nothing left to sell, it's what happend with Prohibition: because of the legal status of alcohol, a product that was still wildly popular, they had a market and no legal competition - until alcohol was legalized after which point they moved on to other drugs similarly also only profitable because of it being illegal. I am, to be clear, not saying that doing this would make these cartels completely disappear.

The legal pursuit of not just drug dealers but drug consumers as well having been proven to be massive resource sucking black hole that, for a long time was just a giant excuse to crack down on minority communities such as [black people and hippies]( Through the contiuing efforts of the police and the legal sector tax payer money is being wasted to put consumers of drugs in prison for what is oftentimes a tiny amount of weed. This very money could be spent educating the public and campaigning for awareness and more education something that would potentially have an even bigger effect on drug usage of the general public than the imprisonment of said people.

Under the current policies in most countries people struggling with addiction are nearly unable to seek out professional help. In places that legalized it on the other hand addicts were able to seek out help and focus on getting better instead of seeking for ways to fund their addictions.

Another phanomenon illustrated by the prohibition and modern history alike is that by banning a substance it becomes more potent as there is a financial inscentive to make it as potent as possible and by extension make it more dangerous.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way advocating for drug usage, in fact I haven't even once tried alcohol despite being able to and within my legal rights to do so in a country with a heavy drinking culture

I'm sorry if I phrased a few things a little weird here, I don't speak english natively so I'm sometimes not quite sure how to make texts and sentences sound natural.
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