Posted by u/giveherthepipe 14 hours ago

A year ago, anyone that talked about vaccine passports was a conspiracy theorist. Now, 365 days later, anyone that criticizes vaccine passports is a conspiracy theorist.

I've noticed that this happens with ***all*** of the shady underhanded shit the ruling class/government enforces on society.

It always starts off with everyone claiming you're a nut-job if you "actually believe any of this stuff is coming", then it actually ends up being true, and then you're a nut-job if you can't see why the government needs to do what they said was never gonna happen to begin with...

For example I remember constantly being made fun of for saying the Government was reading our emails, watching us through our webcams, and listening to our phone calls... Fast-forward 10 years and now I'm crazy for not seeing why it's necessary and "not a big deal".

Society has lost it's fucking mind. Nuke us now please.
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