Posted by u/Unkn4wn 14 hours ago

[SPOILER] A word about the ending

I first completed my journey many months ago, and i chose to spare Shimura, because i just couldn't kill him. And now, i came back to do the NG+ and i chose to do it with lethal to make it feel more challenging and rewarding when i do eventually beat it.

Khotun Khan with Lethal was surprisingly easy, i mean it was still super hard, but not as hard as i expected. Felt good to finally cut his head off after so many failed attempts.

And then came the ending, i already knew i was going to choose Kill Shimura, logically since i haven't done it before. Idk how i managed to stay away from major spoilers on that ending for so long, but i'm super glad i did, because man that shit was emotional. It was one of the best (or worst, depends on how you look at it) moments on my whole playthrough, and it was the only part that truly made me cry. The controller vibrating to Shimura's heartbeat and the pulse slowly fading away, while Jin cries, was just a masterpiece of a moment. I'm so glad i got to play this game and for the impact it made on me.

So hyped for the movie. and a potential sequel if the rumours are true!
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