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My (30f) manager (48m) posted an opening for my position after I requested a third party be present for our 1:1 meetings.

Edit: Location Colorado.

I report directly to the President of our company, who is my manager. We do not have a HR department and there are no plans to create one.

Since I started, my manager has shared his dating issues with me during our weekly 1:1 meetings. These meetings are intended to monitor my progress, but have become a therapy session for him. During my first two weeks, my manager asked me to deliver flowers to his ex, since she lives close to me. I did it, but I felt extremely uncomfortable.

A few months later his behavior became erratic, because the company is losing money. I began taking on more responsibilities to help the team.

During this difficult time, one of our team members made a mistake which my manager stated, he was so angry he could kill (team member's name). He then started talking about weaponry and hung up his Target sheet from the shooting range in his office.

At this point I started to fear for my team and our safety. So I began distancing myself from him. I believe he caught on to this, because he eventually requested that I pick him up from the mechanic on my way into work in front of my team members. He doesn't take rejection well, so I said yes in the moment. Later I sent him a text message telling him that I didn't feel comfortable being alone with him. He became very upset. He stated that he had plans for us to go get coffee and talk more after I picked him up, and I ruined that. He kept saying I abandoned him.

That day he pulled me into his office and said that I wasn't embodying the company culture of helping team members in need. He began to raise his voice, and I stated that I felt uncomfortable by tone and actions. I requested to leave his office, and he said no. I walked of his office and told a colleague that I felt uncomfortable being alone with him.

A week later, he pulled me into his office and accused of me of taking the side of one of our clients over his. He started to yelling again. I just took it. Only responding when he would make assumptions about my character which weren't true.

After I walked out of his office, one of my coworkers pulled him aside to discuss how he's been treating me. Later, my boss comes into my office and states that we need to have a 1:1 to discuss our issues so we can get on the same page. I told him that I feel unsafe and uncomfortable being alone with him, but I'm willing to meet with a third party present. He asks, "what do you need to say?" I explained that we need to discuss that in the meeting with another party. He's got upset stood up and walked away.

Later that evening, I received a notification that there is a job opening for my role at the company I work for.

Is this legal?
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