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Created on 13 Sep 2008
Posted by u/NFL_Mod
Weekend Wrapup
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Posted by u/NFL_Mod
On Vaccine-Related Posts Moving Forward
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Posted by u/ShreksBigAss
[Carl Nassib] Carl Nassib has come out as gay
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Posted by u/progress10
[Gutierrez] #Raiders coach Jon Gruden, in response to DE Carl Nassib coming out as gay: “I learned a long time ago what makes a man different is what makes him great.”
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Posted by u/DreamedJewel58
[Update] NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Carl Nassib: "The NFL family is proud of Carl for courageously sharing his truth today. Representation matters. We share his hope that someday soon statements will no longer be newsworthy as we march toward full equality for LGBTQ+ community."
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Posted by u/EvanParkerLakers
[TMZ] K.C. Chiefs' Frank Clark Arrested, Cops Say NFL Star Had Uzi In Lambo SUV
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Posted by u/Spinexel
[Schefter] Vikings’ rookie DT Jaylen Twyman was shot four times while visiting an aunt in Washington DC. “Wrong place, wrong time,” said his agent Drew Rosenhaus. “In talking to him today, he’s going to be OK - that’s all that matters. We’re thankful he’s OK. He will make a full recovery.”
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Posted by u/imposingthanos
[Update] Tom Brady on his free agency last offseason: “One of the teams, they weren’t interested at the very end. I was thinking, ‘You’re sticking with that mother*****?’”
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Posted by u/PCON36
[Highlight] Today marks 80 days until the 2021 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember Daniel Jones 80 yard run last year against the Eagles. It would’ve been an 88 yard TD if he didn’t trip over his own feet and fell. Eagles would win, 22-21.
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Posted by u/progress10
[Tafur] owner Mark Davis, reached on the phone, thought Nassib’s announcement was “very cool ... I am happy for him.”
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Posted by u/DoctorCheif15
NFL's Zaven Collins Arrested, Cardinals' 1st-Round Pick Accused Of Reckless Driving
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Posted by u/SaladAndEggs
[McDowell] Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark was also previously arrested in March on a gun charge during a traffic stop, The Star has learned through California Highway Patrol records. The arrest Sunday was his second gun charge in three months
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Posted by u/TheAtheistArab87
[Highlight] Carl Nassib breaks down his investing strategy on CNBC
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Posted by u/Weezy-NJPW_Fan
[NFL Update] Eli Manning will be inducted into the #Giants' Ring of Honor and will have his No. 10 jersey retired during a special halftime ceremony when the Giants host the Falcons in MetLife Stadium on September 26.
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Posted by u/PotRoastBoobs
A.J. Green: "I never played with a guy like D-Hop. The guy is unbelievable, man. We don't have egos. He's telling me, like, 'If you want to run a route and I'm at that position just let me know.' So, you have a guy like that, two guys like that in a room it's going to be unbelievable.”
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Posted by u/onlyusernameavailab
[Stewart] The Rams are the team Brady is referencing. Who couldn't find a trade partner to take Goff but conveniently found a partner to take Stafford after seeing how well Brady did.
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Posted by u/theresabeeonyourhat
Tom Brady almost signed with the Bears
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Posted by u/yangar
[The Athletic] TV executives are eyeing the future, trying to find the next Tony Romo. "If you said to me you can take one guy out of the league right now, it’s not even a hard call," one exec told Richard Deitsch. "It’s Mike Tomlin.”
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Posted by u/Isaythree
[The Athletic NFL] Devin Hester is the only player to ever have a perfect 100 speed rating in Madden. He also once raced a cheetah – and won. But his 8-year-old son Dray already has his own highlight reel. "It’s uncanny to move the way he does.”
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Posted by u/Wierd_Carissa
[Kempski] 10 reasons the Cowboys will be a dumpster fire this season
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Posted by u/PotRoastBoobs
Sean McVay on Matthew Stafford: “Bro, this dude’s a bad MF-er. Whatever people say about him, as good as it can be, he’s even better than advertised.”
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Posted by u/social_distant_joe
Report: Sheldon Richardson took less money from Vikings than Browns were offering
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Posted by u/PTHero
[Jordan Raanan] Eli Manning is officially back with the #Giants organization in a business ops & fan engagement role.
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Posted by u/PotRoastBoobs
[Sirius] Free Agent WR Golden Tate has his eye on a few teams he would play for in 2021: "I would love to go back home to Tennessee. Indy, over with Carson Wentz. Obviously, the LA Rams would be fantastic with Stafford.”
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Posted by u/pengals12
[Highlight] Brian Dawkins stops Jerome Bettis dead in his tracks with a big hit
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Posted by u/NFLGreatest
The 2012-2015 'Legion of Boom' Seahawks are the only team to ever top the DVOA rankings 4 years in a row
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Posted by u/talkistalkischeap
[Highlight] NFL's Greatest Moments of the 2010s: The Mile High Miracle. Joe Flacco throws a 70 yard TD to Jacoby Jones to send the game to overtime. (2012 AFC Championship)
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Posted by u/TheFencingCoach
[Highlight] Carl Nassib quickly beats the RT to the inside and wrangles McCaffrey down for no gain.
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Posted by u/Weezy-NJPW_Fan
[Bills] We're excited to welcome back #BillsMafia at full capacity for the 2021 season‼️
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Posted by u/The____Wizrd
[ProFootballTalk] Le’Veon Bell doesn't believe that Andy Reid wishes him well
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Posted by u/GreatAmericanbaiter
Best Draft Steals this Century (29/32): The Philadelphia Eagles select Jason Kelce, Center, University of Cincinnati, in the 6th round (191st overall pick) of the 2011 NFL Draft.
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Posted by u/RoyalPatriot
[MySportsUpdate] Fun question: The #Bucs and #Chargers were the two finalists for Tom Brady last offseason. Knowing what we know now, if you're the #Chargers, would you rather have... - Tom Brady for 2 or 3 seasons with at least one Super Bowl. or... - Justin Herbert for the next 15+ seasons?
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Posted by u/Television-Global
Surprise players you should know from NFL minicamps for all 32 teams
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Posted by u/run1609
The Jets just released a 4-part docuseries on their offseason, 'Flight 2021'
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Posted by u/MrAmericanIdiot
[Raiders] It’s official. We have signed second-round draft pick Tre’von Moehrig
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Posted by u/PTHero
[PFF] Ronnie Stanley: PFF’s highest pass-blocking grade since 2019 #PFF50
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Posted by u/SactoGamer
Group in Canton raising funds to erect statue of ex-Nevada star Marion Motley
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Posted by u/PotRoastBoobs
Dak Prescott: OL Tyron Smith, La'el Collins and Zack Martin are the 'most important' Cowboys: "From the time that I got drafted until now, this offense is built off of those guys."
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Posted by u/PotRoastBoobs
Sean McVay has been around a while, but he's still the NFL's youngest coach by three years. He talks to Albert Breer about high turnover, high expectations and fighting burnout
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Posted by u/franandwood
Raiders Safety Tre’von Moehrig signs rookie deal
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Posted by u/chsya
Bengals Ring of Honor Game Set for Thursday Night Football
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Posted by u/MIBPJ
Over the past 4 seasons combined no QB has more completions of 50+ air yards than Justin Herbert (tied with Russell Wilson; per NFLFastR)
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Posted by u/AC_the_Panther_007
IYO, What do you think about these greatest NFL Running Backs/Fullbacks of all time in each team?
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Posted by u/_J0nSn0w
[PFF] Most improved receiving corps following free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft
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Posted by u/social_distant_joe
Free agent guard Trai Turner "back at 100 percent" after injury-shortened 2020 season
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Posted by u/RecordReviewer
[OC] Identifying the most average passers from the past 25 seasons
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Posted by u/Inkloo1
[Highlight] 19 Seconds before their eventual loss, Brady rolls out and throws one of the greatest incompletions in a Superbowl ever. The biggest 'What if'
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Posted by u/B-Diddy
If Stafford and the Rams make a deep run this year, how does your opinion of him change?
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Posted by u/UncleOrton
[Talbot] Sooner or later, the Bills are going to make Josh Allen one of the NFL’s highest paid players. When that happens, Allen is reportedly willing to structure his deal so that Buffalo can stay competitive long-term.
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Posted by u/Zaphkiel_Mei
In your opinion, which team has the best [a] Front 4 [b] Front 7 [c] Secondary, and [d] Overall Defense going into this next season, and which teams are your sleeper picks in terms of defensive efficiency?
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Posted by u/LikeDat
Football 101: Draw
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Posted by u/albundy66
[NFL Throwback] The X-Factor Delivers! (Chiefs vs. Ravens 2003, Week 4)
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