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Does Howie Roseman's small size factor into his drafting?

Ok, this sounds stupid but please bear with me. In watching the Howie Roseman fistbump video again (lol) I was struck by how tiny he seemed next to all the other (fully grown) adults in the room with him.

Now first of all, let me get this out of the way-- I am quite a small fella myself, and have been lacking in height basically my whole life. So I don't want to slander anyone for being short. Being short is awesome. We fit comfortably in airplane seats, and we have way better centers of gravity.

BUT after doing some digging, I think Howie may have a negative relationship with his height. And that, I think, is not ok. We should accept who and what we are!

Anyway-- onto the content and reason for this post:

**Part I - Missing Info**

Unlike other GMs, Howie Roseman's height is not available anywhere on the entire internet as far as I can tell. Compare this to his division rival, Jerry Jones, who is reported to be between 6'3 and 6'4 according to any number of those trashy rich-person-tracking websites (I don't want to link those here, because they are trash, but if the mods would prefer I source this claim I can add it in).

But Jones is maybe not a fair comparison, being the owner and so well known. So another example-- Martin Mayhew (who apparently is the GM of WFT.... huh, TIL) has his height widely listed at 5'8. So even lesser known GMs have this info out there.

Meanwhile, Rosen's height appears to be scrubbed from the internet. And having met many short men in life who are sadly lacking in height-confidence (heightfidence, if you will), I can tell you that one of the main signs of it is a complete denial of reality. They won't ever say their height, they don't like when heights are discussed. It's one thing to be visibly shorter than your peers, but they absolutely do not want to hear the mathematical quantifiable AMOUNT that they are shorter than average.

So what do you do if you're a multi-millionaire GM who is still caught up in teenaged self-loathing about your size? You pay to scrub the internet of that information. That's why if you search "Howie Roseman Height" you'll find that there are missing results on Google. Strange, eh?

**Part II - Insecurities Manifested**

We all have our own insecurities, and we all know that these often slip out in unexpected and unintentional ways. Whether it's projecting your insecurities onto someone else, or being extra hard on someone else who displays those traits. It's usually not healthy, but it is what it is.

But what if you were an NFL GM? Is it possible your insecurity could manifest in the players you pick?

Here are all of Howie's 1st and 2nd round picks since he took over in 2016:

* Carson Wentz - 6'5
* Isaac Seumalo - 6'3
* Derek Barnett - 6'3
* Sidney Jones - 5'11
* Dallas Goedert - 6'5
* Andre Dillard - 6'5
* Miles Sanders - 5'11
* JJ Arcega-Whiteside - 6'3
* Jalen Reagor - 5'11
* Devonta Smith - 6'1 (but tiny)
* Landon Dickerson - 6'6

And some other notable names he added, either later in the draft or free agency:

* Desean Jackson - 5'10
* Wendell ***Smallwood*** - 5'10

Notice anything? Like the distinct lack of anyone at an 'average' NFL height? Only one player checks in between 6ft and 6'2, and that is the incredibly shrimpy Devonta Smith.

If you ask me, this is more than just a coincidence. I looked through a few other teams' picks and within the last few years there was always someone right around 6'1 taken within the first two rounds.

So Howie seems to be an outlier with his dogged determination to pick someone with remarkable height, either on the high end or the low end. In fact, when looking at all his picks, I was amazed at how often he seemed to overdraft for someone big. Nearly all his 6'3 and above choices were considered reaches at the time.

But for Howie, for whom height seems to matter a whole lot, bigger is better. But also littler is better. Just don't be a lameo average size!

**Part III - What To Do With This**

Well, probably nothing. But for those of you (insane weirdos) who are getting started on your 2022 mock drafts, hopefully this is some good insight for guessing their next pick. Assuming Howie makes it through the year, we can safely assume a few of his top targets:

Kayvon Thibodeaux, 6'5. Kyle Hamilton, 6'4. **Evan Neal, 6'7**.

And some players we know he won't go after:

Derek Stingley, 6'1. Derion Kendrick, 6'0. Chris Olave, 6'1.


Howie seems to be quite shy about his (admittedly, astonishingly) miniature size. He's done a good job throughout most of his career of not standing next to regular sized people, instead preferring the company of the humungous (or tiny) dudes he drafts, making it harder to get a read on his size. He also may or may not have spent some of his millions of dollars erasing his height from the internet. While this is unfortunate (we don't want anyone to be ashamed of themselves!) it has also manifested into his drafting in a very noticeable way.

One more interesting tidbit. According to [news breaking today](, the infamous draft room fistbump that has prompted this whole thing was about disagreement over two DTs. Howie was psyched to trade back and get Milton Williams (6'3)-- while senior scout Tom Donahue was upset because he wanted the Eagles to take a different one at 70, who was then nabbed before their tradeback pick at 73. Donahue wanted Alim McNeill...... who only checks in at an embarrassing 6'2. No wonder Howie was so thrilled to get the other one!

***TLDR*** Howie Roseman's height seems to be missing from the internet. This, combined with his fascination for players who are either exceptionally tall or exceptionally short, leads me to believe that the poor guy may be still dealing with insecurities about his height that manifest in the way he builds his roster. TBH, I started working on this entirely as a joke of a dumbpost that I expected to be deleted, but after doing my research I legitimately believe there's something to it. The dude is just SO tiny himself and has SUCH an affinity for big and small players, drafting them at a higher rate than any other GM I compared him to.

Howie-- I address you now-- (or anyone reading who might be better at google than me). Just post your height online and prove me wrong.

Thank you for reading. Offseason gonna offseason.

[Edit] Thanks to the amazing groundwork of /u/pretendcontender [scale image]( and /u/HandRailSuicide1 [scale image]( I'm going to officially estimate him between 5'7-5'8.

Hear that Gossip / Trash / Celebrity Websites? **Howie Roseman is 5'7.5" tall**

Some other excellent insights from /u/JalenHeals

> In the press conference after drafting DeVonta Smith, Howie Roseman joked that when they interviewed him he asked Smith if he'd fit into Howie's briefcase so he could sneak him home.
> Imagine being an elite Heisman-winning athlete and some nerdy little poindexter makes "lolsmall" jokes to your face.

So it sounds like Howie's coping mechanisms include both overdrafting AND projection!

and /u/uglydeepseacreatures

> Not only this but he fired the 6’3” Doug Pederson and replaced him with Nick Sirriani, who is the same size as Howie Roseman

and /u/wiggggg with the nail in the coffin

>Look at him making a point to stand on steps when talking with other GMs.

Case closed
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