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Quitting MMOs (WoW) and becoming a patient gamer was the BEST thing I've done for my gaming hobby.

So I have been a big MMO player for many years. WoW being my main one having played from release until about 2-3 months ago. I've also committed time to FFXIV and ESO, as well as other smaller MMOs over the years. I was good at them, I enjoyed them, it was fun being part of a team. I pushed myself to preformed the best I ever have in any game achieving a couple of world rankings in my class PvE at my peak. I've never had much of a social life outside of games due to my interests and autism, and MMOs felt like I had friends. Last September I started my Adult Nursing course as an adult student (like a fair number of nursing students). Like others in healthcare We work 12 hour shifts (days, nights, weekends, holidays), while also having to do essays etc. like any other degree. It's hard work but I love doing it. As most people probably can see, doing such a course does not mix well with the requirement for MMOs. For WoW in particular I was an avid raider, which made raid times hard to meet, keeping up with the gear grind hard to do, and keeping up with the daily and weekly tasks pretty much impossible. The game, and the people playing the game, did not respect my time and in the end I felt I had to quit the game I had been playing for 16 years of my life.


I am so glad that I did.


The last 2-3 months have been a real eye opener. I realise how much of a job MMOs have become for me. How much I was doing things because I felt I HAD to, not because I WANTED to. My mental health improved considerably as I no longer have the pressure to please a bunch of people I've never met. To be available for raids, to have the gear, to log in each day to do whatever chore the game threw at me, to preform at a certain level. I noticed my HUGE backlog of games in my steam library I never played because I HAD to log onto the MMO I was playing or I would fall behind. My steam wishlist with 200+ games I've been interested in and then never bothered to buy because I would never play them. My entire gaming hobby was MMOs, with WoW at the top. I missed out on 16 years of new experiences and fun that I'm trying to claim back now. I came over to this subreddit and did my best to find some spoiler free info on some fun games to play.


In the 2-3 months I've quit WoW, while also doing my degree, I have played and completed the following games. This list of games is more than the amount of games I've played and completed in the last 16 years;

Sleeping Dogs

The Room 1-4

The Blackwell Legacy


Ys:Memories of Celceta

Glass Masquerade 2

Bioshock Remastered (My first tip into horror as some of you may have read in a previous post. A brand new genre for me I would never have tried before.)



Control (technically not finished but will finish either tomorrow or after my double weekend shift!)

Cyberpunk (not patient I know, but it was a gift from my bf's dad who doesn't know anything about gaming. I felt compelled to play it once my 3080 came through. Bless him, he researched and everything.)

13 games! Yes some of them were short, but that works well while I'm on placement. I dipped my toes into a completely new genre for me (horror) and I'm building myself back up to try another horror game. While the list isn't in any real order, Sleeping Dogs was the first I played after quitting and it really got me back into enjoying a good story. Cyberpunk I also had a lot of fun with and makes me wanna find something similar to stick my teeth into. (had no real issues on it on PC outside of 1 side quest not starting because I did the River romance first. Apparently makes the NPC de-spawn.) Been having a good amount of fun with puzzle and point & click games between my shifts. A genre not new to me but I haven't played since I was a kid. I got to re-visit the Ys series which I enjoyed coming back to and look forward to catching back up to the more modern releases. Firewatch was my first "walking simulator" and I enjoyed it a lot.


Most of all, I've had A LOT of fun. More fun with games over the last 2-3 months than I have over the last 16 YEARS of gaming. My view on gaming as a hobby has completely changed. I feel no compulsion to boot up a certain game each day. I feel no pressure to preform a certain way. I've enjoyed playing some games on easy just to chill and enjoy the story. My free time is MY free time again. I look forward to playing games and excited to to finish and start a new one.


Only downside to quitting MMOs is that, outside of my boyfriend, I have no "friends" again. It gets a bit lonely at times, and any game that's more fun with another player I can't experience. Quitting WoW all the people who I thought were my friends, cut contact with me immediately. I guess I was only useful to them as a skilled player, not as a person. It sucks to come to that conclusion but at least with my degree I am getting to meet and talk to a lot of people. Hopefully when we can return to in-person classes I'll get my social fix there. It's already been nice meeting some of my fellow students on placement. On the plus


I still sometimes have those addict dreams about playing WoW again (sometimes FFXI and ESO too) but it's getting easier and easier and I'm having them less and less. The more single player games I enjoy and play the more I'm glad I cut off MMOs from my gaming hobby. The subreddit is a great resource for finding some good games I have missed over the years. My current placement ends after this week so I think I might try horror game no.2 after. If I'm brave enough!
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