Posted by u/ChipZiplin 14 hours ago

Cheat on me will you?

After I found out my (ex) wife cheated and about 6 months of gaslighting I divorced her. She legally had 30 days to come get her stuff from the house, which I retained in the divorce. During those 30 days I would occasionally remind her that the clock was ticking and she needed to come get her stuff (which I had moved it all outside and half-ass covered it with a tarp.) Fast forward the 30 days, on day 33 she decides now would be a convenient time to get her stuff. Oops! By day 31 I had scattered it across every thrift shop/donation center in town. What makes that so great is that she was HUGE into thrift store shopping. I never heard if she came across any of her things or not. But just the thought of her finding her old belongings randomly at thrift stores make me chuckle.
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