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Created on 06 Aug 2007
Posted by u/PoliticsModeratorBot
Discussion Thread: President Biden and Other Officials Deliver Remarks on the Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict
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Posted by u/Twoweekswithpay
Bernie Sanders says the Chauvin verdict is 'accountability' but not justice, calling for the US to 'root out the cancer of systemic racism'
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Posted by u/alicen_chains
Biden administration extends universal free school lunch through 2022
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Posted by u/Madhavaz
Birmingham mayor pardons past marijuana convictions for 15,000 people
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Posted by u/TJ_SP
Opinion: The Republican Party is beyond salvation — even without Trump
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Posted by u/burning_dawn
House rejects GOP resolution to censure Waters
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Posted by u/gjp23
36 civil rights organizations urge Biden to cancel $50,000 in student debt per borrower
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Posted by u/BurtonDesque
Big cats: US senators seek ban on private ownership of lions and tigers
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Posted by u/RandallWoodfin
Birmingham to pardon 15,000 people with misdemeanor marijuana convictions
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Posted by u/muchogustofuckyou
Sotomayor Was the Only Justice Who Questioned a Jail’s Warrantless Search of a Woman’s Vagina and Anus
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Posted by u/Weezy-NJPW_Fan
Chuck Schumer calls 4/20 an 'unofficial American holiday' as he makes the case for marijuana legalization
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Posted by u/michkennedy
The GOP Is Very Upset With Maxine Waters’ Derek Chauvin Comments: But Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsing the murder of Nancy Pelosi is cool.
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Posted by u/Clem_Doore
Just before midnight, DeSantis reveals he’s signed $1 billion tax on consumers
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Posted by u/Jeremy_Martin
Schumer on 4/20: Bill coming to end federal marijuana prohibition
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Posted by u/Free_Swimming
Arkansas House passes unconstitutional bill putting creationism in schools
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Posted by u/theladynora
White House endorses Washington DC statehood bill
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Posted by u/itsbuzzpoint
Harris says verdict in Chauvin trial 'will not heal the pain that existed for generations'
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Posted by u/FreeChickenDinner
Foxconn's Wisconsin deal touted by Trump shrinks from 13,000 jobs to 1,454
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Posted by u/notscj
On 4/20, pot prisoners ask Biden to honor campaign pledge and free them
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Posted by u/alicen_chains
Progressives formally reintroduce the Green New Deal
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Posted by u/qkfb
Minnesota governor calls for 'systemic reform' after Chauvin verdict
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Posted by u/southpawFA
Kansas governor signals she will veto bill banning transgender girls from school sports. "I’m going to support bills that bring jobs to Kansas and oppose bills that drive businesses away.”
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Posted by u/itsbuzzpoint
Montana Democrats sue after GOP governor signs into law two bills restricting voting access
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Posted by u/nikan69
Biden's USDA says it will extend free school lunches for kids through spring 2022
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Posted by u/itsbuzzpoint
Third House GOP lawmaker issued $5,000 metal detector fine
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Posted by u/i_love_anachronisms
No, Maxine Waters Did Not Violate Derek Chauvin’s Right to a Fair Trial
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Posted by u/Fuzier
Democrats Block McCarthy Resolution To Censure Maxine Waters Over Protest Comments
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Posted by u/YourMomAteMyDad
Missouri House member faces expulsion after probe finds he sexually, physically abused his children
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Posted by u/Barack_Odrama00
White House formally backs bill to grant DC statehood
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Posted by u/RogerMurdock_Copilot
By bearing witness — and hitting ‘record’ — 17-year-old Darnella Frazier may have changed the world
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Posted by u/galt1776
Tobacco stocks drop on report Biden administration is planning to cut nicotine levels in cigarettes
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Posted by u/javi2591
Biden administration lifts Trump-era restrictions stalling Puerto Rico hurricane aid
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Posted by u/BurtonDesque
Coal miners join climate activists to back Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan
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Posted by u/CheeseSneeze99
Merrick Garland says ‘racism is an American problem’ ahead of Chauvin verdict
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Posted by u/yonkon
White House removes Trump-appointed scientist from overseeing climate report
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Posted by u/sprocket1234
Bush: Today's GOP is ‘nativist’ and 'isolationist'
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Posted by u/aggie1391
Republican attacks on Maxine Waters prove the GOP is committed to a politics of white whining
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Posted by u/daredelvis421
‘It’s almost like insanity’: GOP base continues to lash out over Trump’s defeat
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Posted by u/Raven202
Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Blaming Her Staff for That Shocking ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Memo
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Posted by u/theladynora
Democratic Lawmakers Urge Barrett to Recuse Herself From Koch Dark Money Case | The members of Congress note that Americans for Prosperity, a Koch-funded advocacy group, mounted a "full-scale campaign" in support of the justice's confirmation.
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Posted by u/roku44
Major League Baseball gets record-breaking views, despite Trump’s call for boycott. MLB.TV, the league’s streaming service, snags the most-watched 18-day period in its history
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Posted by u/TJ_SP
Warnock on Chauvin verdict: Jury got it right, now we must get policy right
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Posted by u/BlockchainLady
Poll Shows US Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose GOP Bills Attacking Trans Rights. Public support for the rights of transgender people flies in the face of state Republicans who are advancing a wave of anti-trans legislation nationwide.
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Posted by u/Twoweekswithpay
'Clean up your mess, Kevin': Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries responds to Maxine Waters censure effort by telling GOP leader Kevin McCarthy to 'sit this one out'
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Posted by u/Pineapple__Jews
President Biden called George Floyd's family to say he is praying for them, brother says
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Posted by u/Plymouth03
The White House backs a bill to make Washington, DC a state, calling lack of representation 'an affront' to 'democratic values'
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Posted by u/BlankVerse
Most corporations stood by pledges to not fund politicians who voted against Biden's victory
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Posted by u/Maxcactus
Florida GOP says a new law will stop riots. Critics say it’s an ‘outrageous’ ploy to end protests.
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Posted by u/TrumpSharted
Boehner gets zero credit for criticizing Trump. He just voted for him!
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Posted by u/2PLooM
Katie Porter raises more in first quarter than all other Orange County reps combined
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Posted by u/distinctrub5398
'I'm not celebrating, I'm relieved': Democratic lawmakers react to guilty verdict in Chauvin trial with tears, hugs
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