Posted by u/CaptainWaders 14 hours ago

My grandfather absolutely loved westerns and passed away this past weekend after a 4 year battle with cancer. His favorite color was burgundy. I simply request that a few rootin tootin good ole boys rock some burgundy accents with their outfits for a few days in his honor.

Edit: I just want to say thank you to all who have said kind words. I started off trying to thank each one individually but I simply can’t keep track of all of the comments. I think I got most of you but to those that got lost in my notifications and I missed....Thank you for the kind words.

I may have some time tonight and tomorrow so I may jump on and just ride my horse around the map in silence rocking a burgundy bandanna if I can find a cool one or maybe a cool shirt.

My Gt is the same as here on Xbox so if you bump into me feel free to hunt or fish with me. My grandfather loved the outdoors and had many gareat fishing photos all around his house.

Thanks for rocking burgundy everyone. Feel free to send me screenshots of the cool outfits.
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