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GM rail roads so hard that I got kicked for insisting that I could speak a language provided by my race.

Hello, I present to you all a sorry of one of the first campaigns of 5e that I ever played. This was close to 7 years ago so the details are a bit fuzzy but it sticks in my mind as one of the worst experiences I've ever had.

At that time I was new to the game and playing online via fantasy grounds. Since I had just started playing, I hadn't found a group to be a part of so I shopped around for a game accepting new players. I received a response to a forum post from a GM looking for players to join a game she was starting. I excitedly accepted.

I was invited to a private message board for players in the game and asked to create a character and backstory. The only limits were that the race had to be from the core rules, had to be able to pass for human, and couldn't be evil. No problem.

I looked through the books and found the aasimar in the dmg and asked if it would be okay to use that. Got the okay, and created a paladin who was off poor birth but was adopted by nobles unable to have a child. In the backstory, it was decided that he spent several years studying in the local temple which is where his unusual lineage was revealed to him. This entire creating process involved the GM and took suggestions from her to better fit the setting. As a reward for fleshing out a "good" backstory, I was offered a starting magic item.

I looked through the list and asked about a sword of wounding. Was denied since "necrotic damage is evil" but was OFFERED a holy avenger instead. At level 3. At the time I was too inexperience to know how game breaking this would be but soon learned.

Eventually the game began. There was not a single human in the party which consisted of me, an elf, a dwarf, a half elf, and a genasi. I paid that no head. The initial session involved the party arriving in a town and looking for an inn. However, no NPC would tell us where to find such a place. We started asking around bewildered and trying to figure out what our GM, who happened to be an older woman (boomer generation out thereabouts), wanted us to do. This alone was frustrating but was further agitated by the GM who on more than one occasion flat out told a player "no you don't do that" or "you don't say that" when we did something or said something to an npc that deviated from her plan, which she still had us fumbling around trying to figure out.

We finally find the inn which apparently was only an in every once in a while when the held arena combat in the basement. We're only allowed to stay there if we agree to participate. So we ship to the mandatory combat where an apparently imprisoned wizard is being used to animate several (like 10+) undead to fight us. This was apparently supposed to be really hard but GM forgot she gave me a holy avenger so I was one-shotting anything that wandered in range. So... yeah problem solved.

Other stuff happened, including the players being told that we couldn't continue to stay at the inn because it was only open that one night, a botched encounter where she rolled random hp on a pair of bandits that ended up with 3hp combined, and another hour long hunt for whatever railroad tracks she wanted us on.

Eventually we figured out what we were supposed to do and started walking up a road to a town where the actual adventure was supposed to start. We ended there but we're encouraged to use the private message board as a shirt of rp character chat between sessions. Several of us jumped at the chance to express or characters without being told what we can and can't do. We'd already established that everyone was walking to the next town and any conversations would be had en route.

It was during this time that the elf player made a post to the effect of "if anyone would like to have a civilized conversation, my character speaks elvish... listing of his non-common languages. I took the opportunity to retort "well if you really wish to soak nobly, I can speak celestial" or something similar.

The GM pounced on that. Deleted my post and pmd me that I couldn't speak celestial because I promised my character would be passible as human. She also posted in public that I was mistaken and couldn't actually speak that language. When I protested, she said that I could speak it, but not at will and I wouldn't know I was doing it. Like Harry Potter.

At this point I had had enough of her taking any and ask agency away from us and insisted, "I have spent years studying in the temple. I'm a divine caster. I can speak celestial."

I was immediately banned and kicked. All because my actions weren't "human enough"

TL/DR: Railroading GM kicked me for deviating from the script and insisting that I could speak a language provided by a race she approved.


**EDIT 1:** There have been a couple posts regarding "Rule 0". While, in principle, I agree with this (I've been running 5e for 5 years now), there is an expectation that, once a GM signs off on a character (especially when they are as intimately involved in the creation process as she was), all the traits and features are usuable. Further, there is also the expectation that, if something is to be disallowed, any stock feature removed from a character should be replaced with a feature of equal value. This was simply a case of a GM out of their depth, and not paying attention to what they were signing off on and then regretting it later.

**EDIT 2:** I just want to clarify that the "horror" I'm trying to stress is not simply that I got banned over planting my feet over a language feature. Its that that incident was the last in a chain of similar incidents where the GM repeatedly removed basic agency from the PCs for no reason and with no sound logic behind it.
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