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This sub has greatly helped me put into words why I hate idpol, and more importantly, I've learned how to engage these people online

This is just gonna be a quick ramble about this sub. I didn't consider myself a "leftist" when I joined here, but I see now that my ideas are left, I just can't bear to lump myself in with the western mainstream left.

In my opinion, identity politics represents a scary skewed version of "equality" that is intentionally harmful. For me, equality means stopping the centralization of wealth and power, and uplifting people of all races, genders and backgrounds. There is no room for pointing fingers or playing the "oppression olympics". Why would that matter?

For the idpol people, equality allows for overt discrimination, which is bonkers to me. The logic seems to be that when you label one group "the oppressor" and other groups as "the oppressed", you can purposely put down the oppressors to give preferential treatment to the oppressed. In their skewed mind, this actually delivers equality because it brings everyone to "the same level".

Somewhere along the lines, labor rights, ending imperialism, environmental justice, and stopping the centralization of power are all second to petty race squabbles. It seems no wonder to me that idpol and BLM are supported by the enemy of the left, billionaires and massive private institutions. It seems to me, that the people pushing for "equality", are doing nothing more than spreading division, which benefits the oligarchs. As long as we're fighting about who is oppressed and which race has power, we're not focusing on the erosion of our human rights, and the centralization of power.

Finally, this sub has actually helped me understand how these people operate and I'm much better able to engage them. Most wokies are used to arguing with rightoids. When you attack their idpol beliefs, they automatically assume you are a Trumper. When it is clear you aren't, and you actually have rebuttals for their points, it can be very confusing for people.

The amount of people who have referenced the book, White Fragility, to me is astounding. But now, I'm able to actually explain to these people how this book is a logical fallacy known as a "Kafkatrap", and that the entire premise is wrong. I have other people reply to me, telling me that I somehow put into words, issues with this book/idpol that they had a hard time explaining, and thanking me for that. It's refreshing because it's hard to argue with these people. They gang up on you and use their cult-speak to confuse you. You have to already know their talking points, and have rebuttals on the ready. This subreddit has helped me with this more than anything.

Here's an article that absolutely, point by point, destroys White Fragility. Someone here posted it, and it's perfect.
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