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I, completely unrionically, like the ending.

-Erens character was assassinated!!!

Eren wanted to bring peace to Paradis, which he did. His goal was to have his friends live long and happy lives. Which they are. Not only has he freed the world from titans he's protected (most of) his friends. You can argue about the morality of this all you want, but it was consistent with Eren's character and his growth. Not only that, abandoning your humanity and becoming a monster in order to win has been a theme in the show since Trost. Hes done exactly that. You can call him an "incel" for wanting to live a happy life with Mikasa all you want, but I think that's a fairly realistic thing to desire. Especially since he's deep down still a teenager.

-Ymir and worm-kun just disappear!

Ymir chose to remove the power of titans from the world because of how Mikasa influenced her descion. So it makes sense that the titanized people turned back and worm-kun goes bye bye.

-Ymirs descion was stupid

Stockholm syndrome is a thing which is what I interpret to be why Ymir loved King Fritz. Seeing Mikasa kill someone she loved to protect other people and to surrvive inspired her to defy king fritz for the first time and rid the power of titans from the world. Now she's either dead or living in paths

-Eren made the titan kill his mom!
His mom was crushed anyway, she would've died. Having her die in front of him helped make him the person he was. And he knew that was a necessary sacrifice to reach peace. Also this descion was mostly to save Berthdolt to protect armin

Other things I loved were Eren and Armin getting one last heart to heart, I love Mikasa's involvement in Ymir's descion. I loved Levi seeing off his comrades and seeing him do the salute for the first time. Burying Eren under the tree was really fitting to.

I know I'm gonna get downvoted by the reddit hivemind but I like the ending and I'm not afraid to say it.

Edit: I didn't expect so many people to be so polite regarding my opinion! I'm pleasently surprised by this community. Thank you all!
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