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Cake day

14 May 2019
Posted by u/fillamber 1 week
Photographed by **Nathan Province**
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Posted by u/filosoful 2 weeks
You could've maybe tried to write a little bit different title at least from [my post of this photo a couple of days ago]( Oh well, you've at least copied the credit to the photographer as well, majority of others don't even do that. Enjoy your reddit karma.
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Posted by u/fillamber 2 weeks
The mountains in the photo are Cerro Yerupaj√° (6635m) and Siula Grande (6344M). This is about 130 miles north of Lima.
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Posted by u/fillamber 2 weeks
Credit to /u/Chromium_Included
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Posted by u/[deleted] 2 weeks
Oh yes, the tricky two-bullet suicide. Not everyone can achieve that.
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Posted by u/fillamber 2 weeks
[Photography source](
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Posted by u/fillamber 2 weeks
Photographer Michelle Catherine
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Posted by u/fillamber 2 weeks
Photo Tom Juenemann This is Neuschwanstein castle in Germany
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Posted by u/[deleted] 2 weeks
[More photos](
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Posted by u/fillamber 2 weeks
[More pics](
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Posted by u/fillamber 2 weeks
This is in Lake District, England.
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Posted by u/fillamber 3 weeks
Sorry probably should've mentioned earlier that this is not me in the picture. Just saw this on Twitter and thought it's worth a share here. If you ask me, honestly, the odds are probably in favor that the cat is copy-pasting the owner.
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Posted by u/fillamber 3 weeks
Thank you so much. If I had more coins I would've given you platinum for that link. Wow, I only now realize how amazing this place actually is. And James seems like such a calm and positive man. I just wanna listen to him talking, great guy. Btw, the bed solution is fuckin awesome.
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Posted by u/fillamber 3 weeks
The architect is James Cutler- [original source with more photos]( He created the Studio/Bunkhouse for his home on an island near Seattle. The goal was to build a modest dwelling that could serve as a design studio and his daughter's hangout area.
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Posted by u/_KingScar 3 weeks
It must be so frustrating when all your attempts to look intimidating just make you look fuckin adorable.
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Posted by u/fillamber 3 weeks
I think going around would ruin a much larger portion of the field due to the pattern of straight planting lines. Moving a bird's-nest by hand can often times damage the eggs and the nest itself, they're both very fragile things. So they probably have set the camera there so they know exactly how to get around the bird without hurting it while maintaining the field.
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Posted by u/vincentski 1 month
It looks dark aqua-blue to me? One of us has a shitty monitor, or is colorblind :)
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Posted by u/nima_sh 1 month
The agility, the speed, the reflexes on that bobcat. It's like time is running slower in his mind.
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Posted by u/clipperguard 1 year
he is so smol and cute
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